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Camden Road

Camden Road is a project with more than 5 years in the making. A small, terraced house on the outskirts of London had already gone through a series of minor works until the client finally agreed to bring their sketches to life. With a tiny budget and family members eager to dream high, the project moved from only an extension to an extension with a full loft conversion. The client’s requirements included fully insulated and airtight facades. For this, the design proposed smart extractor fans which can be incorporated into MVHR systems, triple-glazed windows and insulated external doors which also helped mitigate noise pollution, reflective membranes to reduce overheating, and continuous external wall insulation. The interior design will predominantly be made of timber: engineered timber floors, wooden kitchen cabinets, timber-clad window frames, and a massive rear glazed door with a timber-clad, will now become the main protagonists of this design story.