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High-energy performance house renovations

Passivhaus design and consultancy

Lighting design and consultancy

Planning process & construction management

A step-by-step approach:

review site conditions
perform energy analysis
set sustainability brief
provide design options
agree on a budget

choose a design
introduce services

produce scheme
set sustainability strategy
liaise with control

integrate all strategies
finalise scheme
plan construction

Start building
oversee site work
remove any performance gaps

… but we put an emphasis on energy efficiency at every step of the way

To achieve this,
let us introduce Passive House Design

Passive House is the leading standard for energy-efficient and net-zero design. It focuses on achieving certified targets and high-quality construction to deliver buildings with high levels of comfort and improved well-being using very little energy for heating or cooling. As such, its impact on nature is greatly reduced.

Why Passive House

quantifying the benefits for you*

quantifying the benefits for the environment **

* Based on savings for three people living in a 90m2 Passivhaus home over 25 years, compared to a typical new build
** Cumulative CO2 emissions in tonnes from 2021 to 2050
For more information, please visit the UK Passivhaus Trust

How Passive House works

Passive House involves:

1. Energy analysis using Passive House digital tools
2. Adequate insulation
3. High-performance windows
4. Airtight building fabric
5. No thermal leaks
6. Ventilation systems that use heat from extracted air to warm the fresh air coming in
7. Identify renewable resources (if any) to maximise sustainable performance
8. Removal of any performance gap that might occur during construction

For more information, please visit the UK Passivhaus Trust

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