Our Vision

Our passion is to design beautiful houses that reduce their use of energy and their impact on nature.

Nurtured by our long experience in the design market, we believe in beauty and performance, and how these two brought together can take the design of a building to its full potential, efficiently and aesthetically. We believe that if a house is properly designed and built, it should stand the test of time and be comfortable throughout the seasons without the need for gimmicks that might incur additional costs to you and a larger impact on the environment. And more importantly, we want to help you improve your well-being and the well-being of your family and your community.

Our Motivation


of properties across England and Wales suffer from poor thermal conditions that result in cold homes in winter and potential overheating in summer


is the increase in energy bills in 2022, and prices are still going up with an additional increase of around 30% by mid-2023


of carbon dioxide emissions across the UK come from the housing sector, mainly from energy use for heating and cooking

an energy-efficient house can enjoy a constant and comfortable temperature throughout the seasons

energy-efficient measures can save between 50 to 90% in expenses.

energy-efficient houses could help cut emissions by 4% and keep the net zero target.

Our Team

Alda Coelho
founder & managing director
MArch, ARB, Passive House Certified Designer

Alda is an ARB-registered architect who has worked for several years in the residential market. As a project architect at Arboreal Architecture, she gained extensive experience in sustainable design practices and construction. Her experience spans projects in the UK and Portugal and includes the first “enerphit” certified refurbishment in London; the awarded Loft Library in East London; and the Robalo Cordeiro house in Coimbra (Portugal). She has published articles with the International Planning History Society and lectured on energy use in buildings at Westminster University, London.

She holds a Diploma in Architecture from the University of Oporto, Portugal; a MArch in Sustainable Environmental Design from the Architectural Association, in London; and is a certified Passive House Designer.

Miguel Samanez
design & business director
MArch, MBA

Since coming to the UK, Miguel has worked on a series of large commercial projects across the world and all with different challenges. During his stay in Heatherwick Studio, he was lead designer, among others, of the Eden residential tower in Singapore; and the Google headquarters in London King’s Cross. As a project manager, he has overseen the design of the Google offices in San Jose, and the Changi airport extension in Singapore. Previously, as a senior designer at Zaha Hadid Architects, he collaborated in the design of the Morpheus Hotel in Macau; the d’Leedon residential development in Singapore; and the Generali Tower in Milan, all of which are now built and opened to the public.

He holds a MArch from the Architectural Association, in London; a Diploma from the Universidad Ricardo Palma, in Peru; and an MBA from the University of Cambridge Judge Business School.

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